Assets protection & succession planning

Asset protection & succession planning

For many people it is of vital importance that the assets which they have worked hard to accrue are kept safe for the future benefit of their families. Audina Group can help you establish family private foundations which will provide a safe haven for your capital.

Many international businesses may have operations within politically unstable areas of the globe – to these companies it is the protection of their assets in a potentially volatile financial climate that is a prime consideration. As part of its services Audina Group can assist clients with the formation of appropriate foundations, trusts or holding structures to minimise exposure to assets being expropriated.

These foundations or trusts can be set up in a variety of ways so as to minimise your investments exposure to political risks, raider attacks and inheritance taxation, as well as taking into account succession planning wishes to avoid unnecessary conflicts and inheritance disputes. Our experts can assist you with both legal and practical considerations to ensure the maximum security for your trusted investments.