In striving for the precise mix of services to meet the needs of our clients Audina Group operates in a large number of areas across the globe. We can assist with the standard start-up of business entities in addition to more complex elements or structure. Our specialists can also advise you on better asset protection, business and tax planning, if required.

In the international business context mutual trust is based particularly on communication and understanding of a business partner's culture. Whilst English is the international business language per se, we endeavour wherever possible to provide our customers with advice in their own language – consequently our services are supplied in English, German, French and Russian.

Audina Group understands that customers stay where they are appreciated. As a business that values the loyalty of our clients we strive to reward your trust with consistently excellent services standards. The independence of our company, together with the professionalism, expertise and reliability of our staff, are a solid base you can rely on.